France : attacks on the independence of the judiciary

News of the IAJ

Last week, the French minister of justice carried out serious attacks on the independence of the judiciary and on some judges named in the press.
The USM (Union Syndicale des Magistrats, member of the IAJ) joined the Syndicat de la magistrature  (also a member of MEDEL) to send an open letter to the President of the Republic, last Friday (hereinafter the link to the open letter, in French version).

On Monday, the minister appointed a lawyer as director of the National School of Magistrates. This is a new fact as only magistrates had held this position until now. What is the main problem is the speech given on this occasion, which again constitutes an attack on the magistrates (hereinafter the speech of the minister).

A public protest has been launched namely by USM for tomorrow 24th of September, at 1pm (see the document hereinafter)
(you can also read this informative article:

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